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Online Resources

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Online Resources

Patients often ask us to direct them to a reliable online information source that will educate them about their condition or surgical procedure from the comfort of home. We are glad to oblige with the following links – and this important caveat. Our medical team welcomes your questions and is more than willing to take the time to personally explain anything you don’t understand about your condition or surgical procedure. Moreover, your surgeon is likely to be able to provide you with a more accurate explanation that applies specifically to your case versus any information provided by an online source. So contact us at 813.933.3324 if you have specific questions or concerns about your treatment. 

Smoking Cessation
You can improve your heart, lung and vein health dramatically by quitting smoking. If you need help quitting, there are a number of free cessation programs available. Some employers and insurance companies will help you get the resources you need to quit smoking and there is free guidance available from several national organizations. You can access most of the resources online or by phone. These two agencies may be able to help you get started on your journey to quit smoking.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Office on Smoking and Health
By phone: 1-800-QUIT-NOW

National Cancer Institute
By phone: 1-877-44U-QUIT