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Abdominoperineal Resection

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Patients diagnosed with anal or rectal cancer may undergo abdominoperineal resection (APR), a surgical procedure to excise the malignancy along with the entirety of the rectum, anus and a portion of the sigmoid colon, as well as nearby lymph nodes. The remainder of the sigmoid colon is then diverted through an opening in the abdomen called a colostomy so that stool may be excreted from the body into an exterior pouch. Whenever possible, our surgeons perform abdominoperineal resections via a less-invasive, laparoscopic approach rather than the “open” method. While a permanent colostomy may be avoided via more conservative surgical options such as a lower anterior resection (LAR), patients whose carcinoma is located close to the anus or sphincter are generally recommended for the APR to ensure the best chance of a full and permanent recovery.

Our doctors are among a handful of those in the Tampa area that can boast significant experience performing APR procedures, which is why many referring physicians point their patients to Carrollwood Surgical Associates for consultation and treatment. They understand the lifestyle ramifications of this operation, and they perform it as a life-saving or life-extending measure after thorough consultation with patients and their loved ones. If you have questions about abdominoperineal resection or have been referred to one of our doctors for surgical treatment, call us at 813.933.3324.  Our physicians’ considerable surgical skills and experience, along with their immediate access to the state-of-the-art operating facilities of Florida Hospital, are the advantages you need to fight cancer as effectively and efficiently as possible.