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Gastric Bypass Surgery

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As a leading general surgeon with advanced fellowship training in minimally invasive bariatric surgery, Dr. Vaikunth at Carrollwood Surgical Associates in Tampa is an excellent choice for those seeking weight-loss surgery to address a variety of health issues and improve their quality of life.

The most frequently used procedure that that Dr. Vaikunth provides to treat patients with obesity and/or other aspects of metabolic syndrome is called Roux-en-Y gastric bypass.  This surgery has been shown to allow patients to achieve substantial and sustained weight loss amounting to as much as 80 percent of their excess weight.

Like all forms of weight-loss surgery, gastric bypass reduces your intake of food by downsizing the stomach pouch. However, this procedure also entails rerouting the small intestine and attaching it to the newly formed, smaller stomach pouch, thereby allowing food to “bypass” a portion of the intestines that would normally absorb nutrients from food. This complex procedure is not ideal for every obese patient, partly because those who’ve undergone the operation will need to monitor and supplement their intake of essential vitamins and minerals for the rest of their lives.  

Read more about the weight-loss surgery options that are available to qualified patients through Dr.  Vaikunth under the “metabolic syndrome" and “obesity”  topics on this website, and feel free to give our office a call at 813.933.3324 or fill out an appointment request form if you have questions for Dr. Vaikunth and his medical staff regarding surgical procedures to facilitate weight loss.