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Spine Access Surgery

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Vascular and general surgeons are often called upon to provide spine access surgery prior to certain spine procedures such as an anterior lumbar spine operation. At Carrollwood Surgical Associates, our physicians specialize in spine access surgeries and regularly work as a team with orthopedic and neurosurgeons to ensure the best operative and post-operative results for their patients.

In anterior spine surgeries, the spine is accessed via the front of the body via a delicate procedure whose goal is to avoid injury to blood vessels, nerves and the intestines that are located in front of the spine’s vertebrae. After the initial decision, the abdominal muscles are not cut but split to expose the peritoneal sac that is moved aside along with the ureters. Once the access surgeon reaches the retroperitoneal space, he very carefully moves the blood vessels and nerves away from the spine and places a retractor that keeps them out of the way of the spine surgeon.

After the spine surgeon has performed the main operation, the access surgeon takes over again for the third part of the procedure, where he confirms the absence of any injuries to the abdominal structures and may place a special vessel guard patch between the blood vessels and spine to avoid any scar tissue forming in that area.

In the case of thoracic spine surgery, spinal access may be accomplished through the chest.

Carrollwood Surgical Associates in Tampa is a leading provider of spine access surgery through Florida Hospital and its acclaimed spine surgeons. To get more information on our physicians and the techniques they use, please call us at 813.933.3324 or fill out an appointment request form here.